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Illustration of Biofuel CHP efficiencyCantium manufactures, installs and operates Renewable Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems. These are based on modified diesel engines which use untreated vegetable oil as fuel. Our CHP plant can also operate on a mix of liquid and gaseous fuels. Typically, running on 25% veg oil and 75% bio-methane or natural gas.
The engine drives an alternator, which produces electricity, and a purpose designed heat exchanger system captures energy from the exhaust to produce a supply of hot water. The production of both heat and power from the fuel mix makes the plant very efficient.
Our systems are designed to replace or supplement a grid electricity supply and conventional boiler plant, providing ‘on-site’ renewable energy for building owners. Unlike solar or wind systems, renewable CHP is reliable and output may be matched to the building demand.
Cantium either sells complete Biofuel CHP packages direct to customers or will install and operate the plant at our cost, selling only the energy produced to an occupier.
We focus on CHP systems in the range of 50 – 275 kW electrical output, ideal for many leisure centres, schools, hotels, larger retail premises and other commercial buildings.
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